Creating a single page website in drupal 7

Do you want to organize the front page of your site as a single page website with navigation?

Creating a single page website is an approach which is becoming popular of recent, especially with how easy it is to manipulate jquery. Single page website are usually used mostly when you have a site that does not have a lot of content, or when you want all content on your site to be on the home page and have a navigation for jumping between different sections of the site.

Single page website can be used for personal website, promotional site and I have even seen it used for a CV site, or maybe you could use it just to showcase your portfolio. In this screencast, we will be learning to use drupal and a module called single page website for achieving this.


I have made my own theme. Is it possible to use single page here?

Well from experience, depending on how yo created your theme. It might  work. 

I tried it, but the menu won't change when I scroll down. So only the first tab stays active... How can I fix that?
(it is possible that I did something wrong with phpquery, I don't get that part...)

What theme were you using?

I'm having the same problem as Timothy. It doesn't work for me when I'm using responsive bartik, and the scrolling jumps

you mentioned in a comment above that it depends on how the template is made. What does it need to work? key factors?

I'm using single page website as shown in video i need to put blog page separately and users also should be able cr

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Great solution that many people can use in their work.

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