Using views infinite scroll on your drupal website.

In this video tutorial we look at how to add infinite scroll (endless pages, load more) to pages of your website in drupal. The infinite scroll is sometime also referred to as endless pages. In other to achieve this in drupal, I decided to create two videos using two different modules.


1.  Views infinite scrollThe views infinite scroll does not use the views Ajax support. It makes use of its own Ajax request.

2.  Views Load more: The Views load more on the other hand, supports the views Ajax feature. If the Ajax feature on views is enabled, the load more add content to the bottom of the page without refreshing.


To follow this tutorial you should have at least some knowledge of the views module. As both require you to be using views 3.x

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to install and configure the views infinite scroll and views load more module on a views listing.


Part 2 of the video


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